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Open Transmission

Congradulations to Bhakta for winning two, yes TWO, Australian Dolphin awards! He received an award in the world music category and the second was from the aboriginal community: koori achievement award, which is said to be a welcoming of the Native Spirit. He was also nominated for the production/engineering Dolphin Award.

Bhakta was born in Holland in 1960 and raised in his grandparents' home as a member of a tumultuous extended family. His childhood resembled more of a gypsy circus than a proper Dutch upbringing, and was an ideal setting for music, painting, experimentation and communication.

At age 15, Bhakta left home for India to explore meditation, and subsequently lived for 10 years in India and three in Japan. Those years of meditation became the backbone of his music. The influences of Eastern cultures and his own path in life wind into the world of sound through his unique style of classical-chill, experimental-ambient, and electronic-dance music.

Following a successful career in the 90s as a producer and mixing engineer in Europe, Bhakta moved deep into the rainforests of Eastern Australia near Byron Bay, where his time is now devoted to creating music for the dancing soul.

Fan comments:

"It was a pleasure playing your CD, many times, on Ambience.  It is one of the best releases this year and will surely be on my top 10 list. I have gone back to it over and over because it is such satifying music. Please keep me in the loop for any other music you create."

- Susan Mullis, WWUH University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT

"Just wanted to tell you how much our listeners have enjoyed your music. The station is located just north of Seattle, Washington and we broadcast north to the Canadian border. We have had a wonderful response to your music..."

- Ann Kathleen McCoy, Music Director, KSER 90.7 FM, Lynnwood, WA

"Thank you so very much for a copy of "Open Transmission". Wow, not enough words in English to describe it. TranzDance, chillout, even erotic with enough club mix to all together toss listeners into an absolute exotic futuristic musical bliss. More Cooool news...the "WALL" charts you at #4 December NAV. And when I kicked off my Wed. "Light in the Night" program with full length "Open Transmission" not only did I get calls from the general audience, but a sound tech from a local group called and two hosts from other stations called (and one of our own programmers called). What can I say 'cept that Bhakta has found a home on the "WALL"."

- Flyingman (Mark Caldwell), WAWL Chattanooga

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