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Dharma Cafe

Cybertribe, headed by John Deere, is a composite of renowned underground house and rave artists that have taken the International market by storm, with a strong presence in Germany and Japan.

Born in 1963, John Deere embarked upon his musical career at the early age of 5 when he started taking lessons in classical guitar. Since Deere always wanted to see music in its entirety, he soon learned how to play piano and drums. In his early twenties he inevitably developed a growing interest in recording technology and started working as a producer for rock and pop music. After meeting Australian didgeridoo player Marshall Whyler, Deere was attracted by the Australian culture and heritage as if by magic. Together with his former partner Bryan de Rose he invited Whyler to his studio in Germany to record some songs, which built the base of the first Cybertribe project. The current album "Dharma Cafe" marks Deere's new focus on the world beat market and is the beginning of a new series of Cybertribe CD remixes.

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