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Like the Wind in the Trees

Deuter Music
As far as the ear can listen

If Deuter does not give you his exact address you'll most likely never find his domain. It is hidden deep in the New Mexico forest he shares with birds, deer, roadrunners, snakes and coyotes. The sound of wind chimes and bees fill the air. He is a beekeeper; recently he's been regularly visited by a bear who rather indelicately tried to sample the sweet wares of his hives. Between studio sessions you'll probably find the musician reshaping his pond or crafting zen-like furniture in his workshop. Deuter describes himself as a hermit/monk/wolf living in the wild (and enjoying it!). He designed his house using the principles of Feng Shui. The studio, with its large windows and views of the forest, is a sanctuary--a laboratory for music-making that includes instruments from all over the world: Shakuhachi flutes, sitars, tablas, santoors, a Turkish sasz, and a Persian tar; Chimes, bowls and Tibetan bells and of course, keyboards, guitars, and synthesizers. If you are lucky enough to be invited into Deuter's world while he is recording, you'll experience a transformation as he disappears into the magic of his music.

Deuter received the 2001 AFIM INDIE Award in Las Angeles, CA at the AFIM Convention in the New Age category for "Sun Spirit" (New earth Records).

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