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Catalog Number SM7005


Title: Open Transmission

Artist: Bhakta


Open Transmission is Bhakta's first CD for the Sammasati label. This music is Trance - Chillout with World influences and haunting voices of ASHOK BHARTI, BHAKTA, JESSICA & JESSICA, SHIRLEY PUGATSZKI, TILASU, MAHA BABA, RASHMI, DISHA.

Click on the track to listen in Real Audio format, track #3 is in MP3 format.

Track List:

  1. Third Eye 6.37
  2. Open Transmission 14.41
    A. Seduced Again
    B. That Sha-Sha Groove
    C. Let's Whirl
  3. Khidr 8.27 (MP3)
    A. Another World
    B. Rain
    C. KHIDR
  4. In-Between Moments 4.21
  5. Prayer 6.01
  6. Total Gut 3.10
  7. Yours Sincerely 6.39


Holland's Bkakta must have graduated from Bombay Tech with honors, as his simmering blend of Indian exotica, devotional chant and meditative electronic rhythms really get a massive groove on throughout this notable chill-out recording. Overtone chanting, supple bamboo flute and sensational snare sounds sizzle on "Third Eye." While the ambient noise patter of "In-Between Moments" leads to a consciousness expanding mix of techno beats, table trance rhythms and experimental vocal outpourings. The title track is actually a three part suite that beguiles with the sensual "Seduced Again," invites listeners to indulge in "That Sha-Sha Groove," then really turns up the heat on "Let's Whirl." The temptation here would be to densely pack each layer of sound until it compresses into a single theme: but Bhakta wisely keeps a sense of spaciousness running through each track, givi9ng the listener enough breathing room to fully appreciate each exciting accent.

- PJB New Age Voice December 2002

World beat fusion with classical/chill overtones, this sounds like a mixmaster nightmare on paper, but when you need something challenging to hear when it's time to light candles and set a mood, this seems like a much better bet than firing up some Andy Williams. Not really in that place to set an atmospheric middle eastern sensual feel, this falls gracefully, somewhere to the left of there. Spooky, spacey and clearly ear opening.

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

The result of many years studying Eastern philosophy in India and Japan, Open Transmission, by Dutch producer Bhakta, is a swirling kaleidoscope of textures and influences, the strongest of which falls into the realms of Indian classical music and club techno. The album starts out nice and chilled with the lounge-worthy breakbeat affair "Third Eye." Between it's distorted vocal samples and transcendent background ambience, the track makes you feel as if you're kicking back in a Buddha bar. Don't get too comfortable though. There are thrills on the horizon with two exciting suites: "Open Transmission" and "Khidr," which pair pumping beats with instruments like the Indian Violin and Bamboo flute, thus allowing listeners to maximize their enchantment.

- Music Design, Sept/Oct 2002

The twenty first century's hottest chillout album: a hypnotic blend of dance-floor electronica spiced with sounds of India.

- Honey Harris, Broadcast DJ

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