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Title: Tribe Vibe

Artist: Ganga Giri


It’s past and future, raw and refined, ancestral and infinite, wood and steel. Ganga Giri holds the past in one hand and the future in the other, and claps to the beat of the present moment to create a ‘manic-organic,’ dance-inducing experience.

Ganga's percussive talent became apparent at the age of 8, when he started playing an array of rhythm-producing instruments. But it was a dream that inspired him to embark on a self-taught journey to didgeridoo mastery. Ganga has subsequently gained the respect of Aboriginal elders for his unique style of didj playing, and has paid his respects to the land where, thousands of years ago, the first person breathed circularly into a termite-hollowed eucalyptus branch.

CD includes an MPEG of Ganga Giri live at Earthcore with the music of the first track "Nungabunda" you can also download it right here! (coming soon)

Track List:

  1. Nungabunda 6:24 (Sneak peak full MP3!)
  2. Carawonga 5:46
  3. In the Jungle 5:16
  4. The Crow 7:56
  5. Big Halat 3:10
  6. Afrodisiac 6:55
  7. Bushtucker Man 5:43
  8. Spirit Remix 5:58
  9. Rainbow River 8:46
  10. Goodbye Song 6:08

Tribe Vibe is a co-production by Ganga Giri & Don Peyote. Track 1 2 3 4 6 8 Written, engineered, programmed and produced by Don Peyote. Track 10 engineered by Rik Cole, produced by Ganga Giri and Rik Cole. All tracks except track 10 mastered by Jack the Bear.


New Earth generally promotes their company along the New Age lines but this particular CD caught my ear as something different. Ganga Giri&Mac226;s "Tribe Vibe" is about him expressing his groove with the didgeridoo, an Aboriginal instrument from Australia originally carved out of a termite-ridden eucalyptus trees.

But this is not strictly an "in-the-bush" recording. Ganga Giri takes the hypnotic qualities of the didgeridoo and incorporates it with dance grooves that are both organic and synthetic. He has recorded with the likes Peter Gabriel and performed at many renowned festivals through out the world. His appeal has been with roots traditionalists (having begun playing at the age 8 in his native Australia, he&Mac226;s no "fly-by-nighter", as he has sought out and earned the respect of Aboriginal elders) as well fans of the dance culture.

The CD is an instrumental affair with the didgeridoo at the center. Swirling percussion such as talking drums, bongos and various shakers come and go at the right moments supplying the right amount of tension and intensity. Ganga Giri's "manic organic"

** grooves, as he calls them, have certainly taken him on a self-described "magic carpet ride" and one listen to this CD and you to will want to hop on enjoy the ride.

P.R. Brimstone

The raw indigenous sounds of the Australian outback meet the synthetic wizardry of the studio on this neo-Aboriginal collage from Ganga Giri. Tribe Vibe is packed with energy and dynamic rhythms amidst a whirl of nature and vocal samples, techno loops and organic percussion. The album's centerpiece is the didgeridoo - its earthy drone slinks through each of the ten tracks. The album opens with "Nudgabunda," one of the more psychedelic, dance-oriented works on the album, before taking African percussion on "Afrodesia," straight drumming (mixed with the didg) on "Bushtucker Man" and down-tempo trip-hop on "Spirit Remix."

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