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Catalog Number SM7001


Title: Like the Wind in the Trees

Artist: Deuter


Like the Wind in the Trees is a compilation album of some of Deuter's best work, like the Wind in the Trees offers tracks from Sun Spirit, Master of Reflections 2, Reiki Hands of Light, Buddha Nature, Garden of the Gods, Wind & Mountain and Nada Himalaya.

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Track List:

  1. Yellow Mandala - (Full MP3) 8:20
  2. Reflections 2 - 5:40 (Sound clip coming soon)
  3. Distant Islands - 6:28
  4. Loving Touch - 10:10
  5. Amida - 9:57
  6. Illumination of the Heart - 9:30
  7. Gaia Dreaming Herself Awake - 7:40
  8. Morning Birds - 7:30
  9. Nada Himalaya 3 - 3:00


Gorgeous releases like this one exemplify the reason the name Deuter is renowned in the genre of meditative and healing music. His breath dances through native flutes like the wind in the trees, his fingers delicately sparkle on keyboards like sunlight on leaves and the soundscapes he evokes mystically penetrate the celestial realms of the Most High. Elegantly, sparingly, purposefully, his music moves directly into the heart like the sweetest kiss of the beloved one; felt immediately and briefly but lingering on indefinitely and most memorably. Being a master of the use of the space between the notes, Deuter skillfully fills every space with Agape-- the lightest expressions of Divine Love. Being perfect for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, massage, creativity, dreamtime and all the healing arts, Like the Wind in the Trees is truly a, must have for everyone on the path of inner healing and growth.

- Musical Soundscapes by Rev Robert Walmsley

Vet healing music practitioner collects some of his fave works from across his career and serves them up just right for people into healing either professionally or personally. With a style that was just made for massage, this collection soothes the savage breast with ease and opens new realms for those that need some proper sounds to guide them on a journey through the quiet. A very different kind of material for when it's time to head for the exits.

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

One of the most accomplished multi-instrumentalists to grace the new age music scene, Deuter has spent more than two decades refining and purifying his spirituality charged instrumental landscapes. Like the Wind in the Trees is a compilation album of some of Deuter's best work. Piano, flute and synthesizer put listeners in a meditative state with high-lights from albums such as Buddha Nature, Reiki Hands of Light, Sun Spirit, Wind & Mountain, Nada Himalaya and others. The gentleness of this album makes this a splendid choice to be used with any sort of healing work, Reiki, or for simple relaxation

- Music Design Sept/Oct 2002

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